Brooklyn Print House is a full service screen printing shop who works with artists', clothing brands and small businesses. We also sell exclusive prints and art

  • Our Desk on a Saturday

  • Moody 2000 Photo Print

    Here is a print we just completed for Mutz. This is a photo he snapped of a piece done in 2000 under a train line in Brooklyn.

    Got a photo you want printed on a tee? Use the contact us page to get in touch.



  • Arlene's Grocery This Tues.

    Come check us out at Arlene's Grocery on November 25th. We will have some prints/shirts available. Thanks to Joseph Meloy!



  • FREE STICKERS w/ purchase!

    Get FREE stickers with every order placed through our website, maybe some other goodies as well. ;)





  • Rise Getting The Nod From Complex


    When any client asks us to work on a new project we are always excited, but when you scroll through your feed and see your client mentioned as one of the "10 Sneaker Boutiques That Have Awesome Clothing Lines" we definitely get excited!

    Thanks To Rise and thanks to Complex for recognizing the quality of our work. 




  • Looking for American Made?

    We got you covered. We have accounts with several companies that make garments in the U.S. with American cotton. This helps upport local manufacturing.


  • Show Tonight in NYC

    Check out this show tonight at Arlene's Grocery in NYC

  • New AA Shirts by Cash4

     #associatedartists Associated Artists

    On sale now in short and long sleeve. Supplies Limited!





  • New Molly Design in the Shop!

    Buy In The Shop
    $22.50 USD
     Buy In The Shop
    $35.00 USD



  • Brooklyn Print House for RISE X FILA CAGE "NEW YORK IS FOR LOVERS" Apparel.

    This was the original lettering I painted in my studio which wound up on the shoes mid-sole and apparel.

     In-store release this Friday, June 27th at 8:30PM. Get there early or online release and more info at WWW.RISE45.COM