Brooklyn Print House is a full service screen printing shop who works with artists', clothing brands and small businesses. We also sell exclusive prints and art

  • Samples for Extra Spiffy

  • Sneaker Spy : Live Forever Collection

    It is an honor to work with these guys. Clean fun designs based off of James Bond ( Agent 007 ). Don't miss the one-of-a-kind Adidas sneaker they are releasing. Checkout
  • Cash4 Show in NYC

    Recently the BK Print House crew went out to see Cash4's new show in Soho. Cash 4 delivered some very cool pieces as well as some TV's projecting some live footage of him doing some rollers on the galley storefront days before the show.

    #cash4 #fourgive #4get

  • We Cant Wait For Summer

    Here are some photos from last summer in the Castkills

    Hand-picked from my garden.


  • Posters We Printed for NBKC Bushwick Open Studios

    Last summer, I screen printed a limited run of posters for North Brooklyn Collective. This was an art show during Bushwick Open Studios which featured work by WizardSkull, Kosby, ToneTank, Crasty, Vato and Trice. Huge shootout to Mary Papers!

    Boss Yoshi Papers chillin

  • What Are Your Options?

    When it comes to printing on shirts you have some options. Plastisol gives you a nice consistent print that will last years and has some feel to it. Although it can be thinned out for a softer feel, you may want to go with water based or discharge ink if you are looking for no feel. These inks will migrate into the shirt and work well on light colored shirts (waterbase). Discharge works on dark garments by dyeing the fabric with your design. Ask about these processes and we can provide you samples.

    • Screen Printing (up to 6 spot colors or CMYK)
          Water Based soft hand feel
          Discharge no feel
    • Heat Transfer (spot color or CMYK)