Brooklyn Print House is a full service screen printing shop who works with artists', clothing brands and small businesses. We also sell exclusive prints and art

  • Just another day at the shop!

  • Brooklyn Print House Live Screen Printing

    Over the weekend we were asked to do some live screen printing at Rise, a sneaker boutique in Huntington Village, on Long Island.  We had such a great experience and an excellent turnout.


    The live experience of screen printing is an instant crowd pleaser.  We had up to 6 different designs to choose from and customers were able to mix and match prints for placement wherever they liked.  This gave the customer the ability to design a one of a kind piece.  While Rise supplied premium blanks the customers were also able to bring in anything to print on.


    above photos by Christian Rios 

    We printed everything from denim, tank-tops, tees to posters.  It was a lot of fun.



    To book us for an event please email us using our contact page or give us a call to set something up.  


  • New 20th Anniversary Skewville Prints

  • Posters for Giz For Bushwick Block Party Celebrations

    Here is a stun of 12 posters we printed for artist Giz.


    ink on screen...

  • Live Screen Printing At Rise

    Come out to Huntington and hang with us while we print a custom tee for you. We will have many designs on hand. Chose any print location. 


  • Go Check Us Out in NYC

    We are still showing some pieces at Arlenes Grocery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Ask staff for a price list. All pieces are screen printed by hand at Brooklyn Print House. Enjoy.

  • Our New James Brown Patch



    Patch design of James Brown, from one of the most entertaining interviews of all time. See video below:

    - 2.5" woven patch with iron-on backing
    - Easily attach to a jacket, backpack, hat etc.
    - Patches ship FREE

    Nothing Wrong Patch


    Buy Now >>





  • Giz / Ghost Editions at BPH

    Some new beautiful 4 color hand pulled prints for GIZ and GHOST done at Brooklyn Print House. Pictured here is one of the posters before being signed and numbered by the 2 artists.

    close-up of some of the very fine line detail by Ghost and Giz.

    So happy to work with those two ridiculously talented artists! New York history right here!


    Prints available on :


  • RISE X PUMA Blaze of Glory

    A new Puma dropping on December 1st includes design by our very own Sal Fabbella.

    His NEW YORK IS FOR LOVERS lettering which appeared on the a previous shoe / t-shirt release with Rise appears embossed on the tongue of the new Puma Blaze of Glory. We are so happy to see all the hard work come together for such a beautiful cause. We are super pumped! We are also super humbled to be a part of this. Thank you!

    Details on the shoe release will be available on

  • New Catskills Sweatshirts

    Available now:


    Catskills Crewneck Sweatshirt