Brooklyn Print House is a full service screen printing shop who works with artists', clothing brands and small businesses. We also sell exclusive prints and art

  • Roycer x Matt Siren Show

    Ember City Art show flyer

    Come check out our friends Royce and Matt Siren show their new collaborative work tomorrow (Thursday October 19th) from 7 to 10pm at Best World Gallery in the Lower East Side.

    Royce x Siren Collab Art

    ------ Detail of mixed media piece by Roycer and Matt Siren.

    Roycer Matt Siren Gate

    ------ Best World Gallery, Lower East Side.

    Photos courtesy of Roycer.

  • Uniqlo Art For All Patches - B.P.H.

    What an honor to work on this project with Uniqlo / Art For All by Jeffrey Deitch. Not only was it super easy working with their team. It was incredible to see them offer the patches at retail for under 3$. Yes under 3$, making rare/ high quality goods, super affordable.


    Overall we produced runs of 7 patches for Uniqlo. Designs included two Kenny Scharf face designs, two HYPE Skewille designs, two Sheryo and Yok designs and one Art For All design (pictured above with red trim). 


    Skewville having some fun opening night! Thanks to these guys for always inspiring and working with us!





  • Tee Time @ 17 Frost Gallery

    Tee Time at 17 Frost Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was one of my favorite all time events. It was fun and different. Huge thanks to Choice Royce and Brittany Shea, they hand-selected the artists and Brooklyn Print House screenprinted limited runs for all 10 artists. The rules were simple: Black tee, white design, and everyone delivered incredibly.


    Artists included Cash4, Edwin DeLarosa, KA, Isabel Lasala, Moody, Net, Eric Orr, Matt Siren, Smells, Lamour Supreme.

    ------ above Polaroid by Nick McManus


  • AA 25th Anniversary show at Avant Garde LES

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    Hit The PLAY button above to play a little clip from the event. Incredible turnout!


  • Brooklyn Print House Live Screen Printing

    Over the weekend we were asked to do some live screen printing at Rise, a sneaker boutique in Huntington Village, on Long Island.  We had such a great experience and an excellent turnout.


    The live experience of screen printing is an instant crowd pleaser.  We had up to 6 different designs to choose from and customers were able to mix and match prints for placement wherever they liked.  This gave the customer the ability to design a one of a kind piece.  While Rise supplied premium blanks the customers were also able to bring in anything to print on.


    above photos by Christian Rios 

    We printed everything from denim, tank-tops, tees to posters.  It was a lot of fun.



    To book us for an event please email us using our contact page or give us a call to set something up.  


  • New 20th Anniversary Skewville Prints

  • Posters for Giz For Bushwick Block Party Celebrations

    Here is a stun of 12 posters we printed for artist Giz.


    ink on screen...

  • Live Screen Printing At Rise

    Come out to Huntington and hang with us while we print a custom tee for you. We will have many designs on hand. Chose any print location. 


  • Go Check Us Out in NYC

    We are still showing some pieces at Arlenes Grocery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Ask staff for a price list. All pieces are screen printed by hand at Brooklyn Print House. Enjoy.

  • Giz / Ghost Editions at BPH

    Some new beautiful 4 color hand pulled prints for GIZ and GHOST done at Brooklyn Print House. Pictured here is one of the posters before being signed and numbered by the 2 artists.

    close-up of some of the very fine line detail by Ghost and Giz.

    So happy to work with those two ridiculously talented artists! New York history right here!


    Prints available on :