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The Science Hat


A gorgeous Burgundy Yupoong Adjustable Snapback Flat-Brim Wool Blend Cap with the word “SCIENCE" embroidered on the front in beautiful white raised letters. Instead of worshipping BRANDS you can show you celebrate truth and information. "Alternative Facts" are not a thing. FACTS ARE. Good SCIENCE makes for great FACTS.

20% of the profit from each hat is donated to The Committee to Protect Journalists.

The Factists ( are just regular people wearing hats that say SCIENCE. They are committed to the idea that truth exists and that lies are bad. The SCIENCE HAT also exists to inspire people to stop worshipping brands and instead celebrate great ideas. If you buy a hat or see someone wearing the hat, snap a photo or video and tag it @Facts_Hat.

A few FACTS about the SCIENCE HAT. The base Yupoong hat is manufactured in Vietnam by Flexfit. We have the documentation that it has been created in an ethical manner (adult workers, overtime, proper pay etc.) The hats are embroidered in the Bronx, NY in an ethically minded small shop. If you have any questions about this, we'd be happy to talk to you about it. The Yupoong hat is a classic and beautiful design, and while we would love to see the entire hat created in the USA, for now we are opting for a reliably gorgeous hat until we decide to get our own hat designed and manufactured.

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  • Brooklyn Print House helped us out with some gold foil for our shirts that was out of this world.
    John from NY

  • We printed our brands first shirts with B.P.H and they taught us so many things to look for when designing our shirts. Great crew!
    Laura from NY

  • If you want someone that will honestly tell you how your design will print and offer you helpful options, go with these guys!